Hello World

Hi there, wait someone actually found this? Oh wait, it's just me! Hi me, it's you from the past. Just writing you this note to remind you why started writing this blog.

There are a few reasons, but they all boil down to 2 main themes.


You tend to read many non-fiction books, but then end up retaining a very small of actionable details. Yes you're able to often quote books and give recommendations to people depending what they're working through. But rarely do you make detailed enough notes to really justify all the time you spend absorbing content. This blog is your tool to reflect on the helpful things you read and summarize.

There are other aspects of learning like improving your writing skills, the tech aspect of how to setup a blog, improve on SEO and marketing, etc.

And of course what's the best way to learn? To teach, which brings me to the next point.


Maybe, one day the information you share on this blog will be helpful to others. But to make this information helpful you have to put in effort to make the content relevant, insightful, and engaging. Nobody wants to read a bunch of fluff (like this page 😅).

Of course putting together actually helpful content will make you study subjects in more detail, improving your skills in the process.


There are many other reasons, and maybe if you're feeling down about your progress, review this page, and evolve and adjust your why.

Good luck!